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Paddy for Nathan

May 20, 2014
Update from the family:
On Saturday our dear friends Mary, Clara, and Lydia, along with their parents, hosted a lemonade stand for Paddy. When we arrived several of their friends were chatting in the shade enjoying homemade lemonade, iced tea, and banana bread.  The families were very generous and very sweet.  All of the money they earned will go to Angel Service Dogs to help train Paddy for Nathan.  It was such a lift to see friends take on some of the fundraising and educating in this way.  Our community is both deepening and widening.  We are extremely grateful.  Yeah team Paddy!

Nathan's Story

Paddy Each of Nathan’s encounters with peanuts has happened in spite of his cautious parents' precautions. Each time his reaction has been more severe. While Nathan has become very careful about everything he eats; always checking packaging, quizzing cooks, and questioning waiters, peanuts still slip in. As Nathan approaches middle school, his family's goal is for him to enjoy the many activities that go with growing independence including going to camp, sleep overs, and eating out with his friends. Paddy will be there to give everything one more check, helping to reassure Nathan is safe in the world.

Nathan's journey with allergies began when he was just two years old. Nathan's mom said, "He had never had peanuts and when I picked him up from school one day, in the distance, I thought he had someone else’s sandwich in his hand. On the way home from school, he began vomiting." When he was seven he was at a bake sale where he bought a cookie after the seller assured him that it did not contain peanuts. He took one bite and spit it out immediately. His mothers account of what happened next shows how quickly life can change. "He washed out his mouth and I thought he was okay. He’d thrown the cookie away so I wasn’t sure it was actually peanuts. Soon he was rolling on the lawn, miserable inside and out with red welts all over his body. His mouth and throat hurt. He began vomiting and I rushed him to ER at Children’s hospital. As soon as I said peanuts the receptionist started calling for help. Before I could sign him in a dozen doctors were working on him. They saved his life."

Please help us help Nathan and children like Nathan by donating to the training of Paddy.

Fundraiser Details:
You can make donation with a check, made out to Angel Service Dogs, Inc, please put Paddy for Nathan in the memo.
Mail to:
P.O. BOX 2756

Or you can made a donation through Paypal:

Donate here to help Paddy for Nathan. Please use as many share buttons below as you can to get the word out so that others can help too. Donations made through Paypal are posted after they have cleared. Totals are reflected at that time. Thank you for your support! We cannot reach this goal without you.

Please make sure to put Paddy for Nathan in the comment of your PayPal donation!

$13,658 Raised

Goal: $20,000

Angel Service Dogs™ a 501-C-3.
In the event Paddy does not pass certification, another dog will be trained with the same specifications and this fund will be transferred to that dog. Additional funds raised from this campaign will be transferred into the Angel Service Dogs, Inc. General fund to help train dogs for other families.

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