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Macy for Elisa

Macy Macy for Elisa

Macy is a wonderful Australian Labradoodle being trained for the needs of Elisa.

Elisa’s struggles began at birth when she first showed significant symptoms of a soy intolerance.  Her first year of life was difficult in that she went through many tests to evaluate the problem.  Her weight gain was slow.  Doctors were hopeful that she would outgrow the issues with soy but that has not happened. In fact, at age 12 she still must avoid any foods containing soy.

At age 3 Elisa had her first allergic reaction to peanuts.

In her mother’s words…”We had just moved into a new home and someone had given us a welcome basket containing a bag of peanuts.  I was eating some and Elisa came over and asked me to pick her up.  I reached down to lift her up and the reaction began just from her touching my hands.  Her lips and eyes swelled rapidly and she developed hives.  I rushed her to get medical care.  When the swelling subsided her little eyes were dark and bruised.  It was very scary.”

Not even 6 months later Elisa ate a sunflower seed and her tongue swelled.  She came down the stairs with her whole fist in her mouth, not knowing what else to do. Again, medical care was necessary.

Her reactions continued even with the diligence of parents, teachers and friends. School has been difficult. In kindergarten, she struggled with eczema and contact reactions to everything from plants to paper towels and soap.  There were multiple incidences of her breaking out in hives.

Last spring Elisa had a significant reaction after holding hands with her softball teammates before a game. The thought was that she must have touched peanut residue.  Her throat and tongue rapidly swelled and she could not breathe. She was in a state of panic like no other time before.

ElisaElisa carries Epinephrine injectors everywhere she goes.  Her parents and family have always been very diligent in protecting her and her environment.  They rarely go to restaurants and when they do they frequent the same ones, having gotten to know the staff.  She is now 12 and in middle school and life is much different.  It is important that Elisa become more independent and become her own self-advocate.  She wants to be able to feel more comfortable around others whether at school or social events.  She wants to be a normal teenager.  Since she is having to deal with a soy intolerance with issues of its own and now new allergies on top of the life threatening peanut allergy, she would benefit greatly from Macy and her keen sense of smell.
Please help in the training of Macy by donating today.

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Goal: $20,000

Angel Service Dogs™ a 501-C-3.
In the event Macy does not pass certification, another dog will be trained with the same specifications and this fund will be transferred to that dog. Additional funds raised from this campaign will be transferred into the Angel Service Dogs, Inc. General fund to help train dogs for other families.

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