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Lucky for Ashton

Lucky Ashton's Story

as told by his mother
It was this past August and our day had been like any other. Ashton was happily playing with his sister and cousins. He was a happy and healthy 13 month old. It was dinner time and I thought let's try a peanut butter sandwich.

I knew about peanut allergies so I thought I would start off with a small amount of peanut butter on a tablespoon. A decision I will replay till the day I die.

With in minutes Ashton had hives. "Ok," I thought. I will just give him some Benadryl he will be ok. Then the hives became welts all over his body. Like thousands of bees had stung my baby boy.

Ten minutes with Benadryl Ashton had swelling of the face and neck, he was drooling, and coughing. I immediately called the pediatrician and told my husband to give him a bath. Thinking, "Oh my god get the peanut butter off of him." The pediatrician immediately called back and told us to bring him to the ER. I put my son in the car and thought, "Dear god please don't let my baby boy die." 

I did 80 mph the whole way to the hospital praying for the first time in my life that a cop would be on the road. See I was by myself because my husband had stayed home to watch our daughter. All I could think was if they pulled me over I would have someone to help my baby. I would have a police escort to the hospital. He would be safe. There never was a cop on the road that day. When we finally reached the hospital a grueling 30 minutes later Ashton was wheezing. As I ran to the hospital with Ashton in my arms I thought, "Will this be the last time I hold you?" As they rushed us to the pediatric ER I looked down at my barely recognizable son and thought, "Will this be the last time I see you?"

We were under constant supervision by doctors and nurses. After being released then readmitted because he had a secondary reaction we were allowed to go home. I was released with a new Epi-pen prescription and a diagnosis that would change my life forever. Ashton was anaphylactic to peanuts. Ashton has had multiple reactions since then. Most of them resulting from just touching his allergens. The reason why is because my son has chronic eczema and the allergen can easily enter his blood stream thorough the cracks in his skin. His latest reaction being from soap that was cross contaminated with nuts.

Since our diagnosis 7 months ago my son has been in the hospital 5 times, rode in the ambulance twice, has been given his Epi-pen, been on multiple doses of steroids, and has taken Benadryl countless times. We rarely leave the house because of the fear Ashton will come into contact with his allergens. We can not go to the park, library, even the grocery store is a lethal situation. Because we do not know what he may come into contact with. What if the person just before us ate something with peanuts in it and then touched the cart. We can not leave the house with out our arsenal of life saving drugs including four Epi-pens, Benadryl, and his rescue inhaler.

See there is no cure for his allergies. He can not go and get allergy shots his only way of staying safe is to avoid his allergen. But how do you avoid something you can not see? That is where an allergy alert dog would help. I may not be able to see it but the dog could smell it. An allergy alert dog will search for Ashton's allergens and then be able to alert us of a dangerous situation. The dog will search for Ashton's allergens just like they would search for a bomb or narcotics but instead he would just be searching for a different scent. He could keep my son safe. He could allow Ashton to have more freedom. We could go to the park with out fear. My son could get his childhood back.

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$9,601 Raised

Goal: $20,000

Angel Service Dogs™ a 501-C-3.
In the event Lucky does not pass certification, another dog will be trained with the same specifications and this fund will be transferred to that dog. Additional funds raised from this campaign will be transferred into the Angel Service Dogs, Inc. General fund to help train dogs for other families.

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