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Volunteer to be a Puppy Raiser

Angel Service Dogs, Inc. is always looking for people to volunteer and/or be a part of our puppy raising family. Your home will be blessed by a puppy that is from 2 months old to about 2 years old. Like with any addition to the family, Angel Service Dogs, Inc understands the time commit of a new puppy. We greatly value all our Puppy Raisers and volunteers. To help, we provide free weekly puppy class to guide your obedience training, and all your basic puppy needs. You will be supplied a crate, collar, leash, food, treats and all basic veterinary care, including vaccines. Once your puppy has received all their vaccines (usually around age 20 weeks) you will be provided a service vest for the puppy and will be able to take the puppy with you most everywhere you go. This training is invaluable as it teaches the puppy how to behave in public and exposes them to many scenarios that they will eventually experience regularly once they placed with a family, including the grocery store, doctors office, classroom, and playgrounds. Come be a positive part of a process that makes the world a safer place for a child with a life threatening food allergy. Helping people with puppies is FUN!!!If you would like to help but can’t commit to raising a puppy full-time, please consider being a temporary puppy raiser. We often have need of a temporary home for a puppy who is transitioning into our program or when a puppy raiser family goes on vacation.Follow the Angel Service Dogs Puppy Raiser Community on facebook.

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